Monday, 1 December 2014

It's That Time Again!

On December 13th 2012 we sat agonizing in the surgical waiting room as Cooper underwent open heart surgery.  Over the following days we sat at his bedside (and in his bed!) in CCU, Step Down, and on 4D.  We were surrounded by children and families who were fighting a similar battle.  My heart aches for Gideon and his family.  Withstanding four open heart surgeries seems unimaginable.
There are so many opportunities to give to Sick Kids at this time of year.  

After undergoing scary or uncomfortable procedures Cooper was allowed to choose a toy from the Treasure Box.  Every child deserves to be rewarded for their bravery when they are forced to endure more then they should.  Since Cooper's surgery we have created a new Christmas tradition in our family.  The boys use a small amount of their saved money to purchase small toys, we also purchase a number of small toys and gifts to donate to the Treasure Box on 4D (the Cardiac Unit at Sick Kids).

We will be delivering our donations this year on Saturday December 13th.  If you would like to contribute, we would be happy to deliver your donations as well.  

***This is the list of suggested Treasure Box Donations
***We will need to receive items from you no later then the morning of SATURDAY DECEMBER 13th, 2014
***We can arrange drop off in Guelph, Brampton, Georgetown and surrounding areas
***Contact us via blog comments, facebook, text, e-mail, phone, telegram, candygram, singing messenger, carrier pigeon...

If you would like to contribute in a different way you can find information HERE.