Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What's in a Name?

I'm sure the topic I'm going to cover today would have been a good one to tackle in the first ever blog post of our newly minted blog, but there was a lot to cover, so here goes.

Between the two of us we read a lot of blogs. Mostly running blogs, but I also am a big fan of this Chicken Wing Blog. I don't really eat a lot of chicken wings anymore (one of the sad casualties of trying to live a healthier life). Some of our favourite running blogs include:

The Skinny Runner

Shut Up and Run

Run Eat Repeat

Pavement Runner


Another Mother Runner (this was just proclaimed the best of all by Lexie)

Check them out!

Beyond being fun to read, all of those blogs have something else in common; snazzy names. So when I was trying to decide what we should name our blog I wanted something short and that would represent our purpose for starting this adventure (or journey?)

So let me get the point. I settled on Running for 555 because that is exactly what we are doing this year. It is not quite as funny and ironic as I was hoping but it works.

So what is 555?

The Labatt Family Heart Centre is near and dear to our.....Hearts

It's the numeric in the address of The Hospital for Sick Children (555 University Ave). There you have it!

Tomorrow will is a big day for us and for our blog. It marks 6 weeks post-op for Cooper, a big milestone in his recovery. So check into the blog for more on that tomorrow.

A big shout out to Lexie for running in -30C this morning!

What are some of your favourite blogs? 

Do you like the name of our blog?


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