Friday, 1 February 2013

Fundraising Update and A Heartening Read

Tomorrow marks the two week anniversary of this blogging adventure, and I think it safe to say it has been more successful than either of us thought possible. We have actually had more than 5 readers, which I think can be accredited to Lexie's creative writing style. So thanks to everyone that is reading, and to everyone who has shared this blog with their friends and families.

I am really happy to announce that 13 days into our fundraising for The Sears Great Canadian Run we have already reached 86% of our goal (which I'm sure we will have to revise soon). We were very impressed when our team got a bit of a shout out on the Facebook page for the run, and even though it is still almost 8 months away, we are getting more excited for it every day.

Cool Right?

We have truly amazing friends and family!

So to Anand, Natalie, Uncle Duane and Aunt Anita, Aunt Cheri and Jim, Uncle Dave and Auntie Von, Brad, Melody and Mahayla, Gavin, Brianne, Lyndon, Uncle Ryan, Auntie Kara, Auntie Margie and Uncle Junior, Oma and Grandpa, and Robert and Laura; thanks so much for your support, it will certainly make a huge difference for a lot of families and we will be thinking of each of you as we train for and complete this adventure!

Changing gears a bit, I want to share something neat that happened this week. I was executing my usually pre-dinner routine of hanging out in the kitchen and hoping that will make the food cook faster, when I picked up the latest copy of Runner's World off the kitchen counter. So I'm flipping through (but not really reading because I'm thinking about food, and also I like to look at all the pictures first) when I came across this article:

Check out the Scars!

The picture immediately jumped out at me, their scars match Cooper's! I turned to Lexie right away and said "Hey! Look at these guys!" As a parent of a little guy with a big scar, it brings me some comfort (odd or not) to see that other people have been through the same thing and are doing great things. The story is about three men (Justin Feria, Robert French, and Bryon Moore) who alongside their Cardiologist, ran 3 half Marathons. A heart transplant is obviously a much more involved procedure than what Cooper had, but it is great to see these men being so active after having such a life changing surgery. One of the greatest pieces of news we heard during the time between Cooper's diagnosis and surgery was that if all went well (and so far it has) Cooper would have no physical limitations. He has lived up to that already. As I see him running, walking, and rolling around, its hard to believe that only 7 weeks ago he had such a traumatic surgery. If you get a chance and see a copy of Runner's World lying around, take a look at the article, it will make you smile.


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