Saturday, 9 February 2013

Week 3 Marathon Training!

I (Leigh) did something really special during the third week of marathon training, I spent some time with my bathroom. I guess it was some quality time before the two of us part with one another forever when we move on February 22nd (Sorry if that was TMI, I know some of you don't care when we are moving). There were times when I wish I had this toilet:

You can check Twitter on there, right?
Lexie, being the super Type-A lady that she is, got all of her runs in, and probably crushed each one of them. Even when there was snow-pocalyspe yesterday, she got out and did 4 miles (in the same amount of time it took me to do 3.1 miles, but I'm going to claim the weather got worse when I was out there). but, I shovelled twice which is worth 3 more the very least.

Today marked our longest run to date, and also the longest run I have done since Niagara Falls Half-Marathon.

Today was long run day and we ran for Sherry. Here is a link to the post Lexie did, outlining what it's all about HERE. Running on the rough terrain left over from this weeks snow was tough, but I know for both Lexie and I, taking on look down at that bib on our jackets was all we needed to keep pushing to finish all 11 miles. Here are some post run pics. I promise we look happier than our legs feel.

Lexie suggested we take this picture with me standing a snow pile. I hate snow.

So the breakdown for our weekly training looked like this:

Monday: Lexie - 6 miles, Leigh - 4 Miles
Tuesday: Lexie - 3 miles, Leigh - Hyperemesis
Wednesday: Lexie - 6 miles with Hills, Leigh - 6 hours of reading about running
Thursday: Lexie - Cross Train, Leigh - 2 rounds of the beep test with my grade 10 Girls class
Friday: Lexie - 4 miles, Leigh - 3.1 miles
Saturday: Lexie -11 miles + Pizza + Ice Cream, Leigh - 11 miles + Pizza + Ice Cream

Totals: Lexie: 30 miles, Leigh: 18 miles

Remember everyone: Run Safe!

Did anyone else run/exercise for cause this weekend?

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  1. Awesome job in week 3, I got in 19 miles and my 7 mile long run was in the treadmill as we got the snowpocalyose today! Missed a cross training day but got in all run days :) keep it up Cooper's Troopers! xo Amanda