Saturday, 23 March 2013

More Cowbell!

Today we headed out to our old stomping grounds (The Hammer) to check out the race expo and pick up our bibs for The Around The Bay 30K.  We love us a good race expo.  Last fall we stopped in at the Toronto Scotiabank Expo even though we weren't running the race (we were running Niagara Falls the next weekend).  Leigh had the good fortune to win a pair of Brooks running shoes there (his second  free pair, he'll tell you about the first in his Muskoka part 2 post).  We were big winners at the Around the Bay expo as well :)

Lucas spun the Running Room wheel and won this awesome running hat, which he literally wore for the rest of the day.  When he went to bed it was on his bedside table.  I have a feeling when we go up there later he will be sleeping in it.

We strolled around, checked out the various vendors, eyed up the medals from The Ottawa Marathon, and tried on the Altra Zero Drop Shoes.  

Next we picked up our shirts and bibs.  This is by far my best race shirt yet.  Maybe it's because the average (elite) female runner is something like 5' tall and 98lbs, or because I have a freakishly long torso, but EVERY. SINGLE.  race shirt I have is too short.  Not this one!!!  It is an awesome, stretchy, long sleeved New Balance tech shirt, with a women's cut.  And it is super long.  I am excited to have a race shirt that I can wear comfortably.  Unfortunately Leigh wasn't quite as lucky, the sleeves of his are a bit too short for his freakishly long arms.

On the way out we happened by the booth for The Sears Great Canadian Run.  We stopped to chat, and mentioned that we were already registered.  When we said we were Cooper's Troopers she said "you're Leigh and Lexie right?"  It was nice that she knew who we were.  We introduced Cooper and talked a little about why we are running.  And the she decided there was just one thing our house needed...



  1. That's worse then when Granny brought Santa's bell over. You guys are going to have a noisy life.
    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. You are famous! Did you freak out that the sears run people knew who you were? Good job on the race today! (mom )