Friday, 5 April 2013


On Wednesday evening Oma and Grandpa watched the boys so Leigh and I could go here...
To participate in a focus group about this...
We had the opportunity to meet some of the folks behind the Sears Great Canadian Run, and several other participants to spend some time discussing different aspects of the race.  The organizers are looking for ways to increase visibility and participation, as well as assisting registered teams in their fundraising efforts.  We really enjoyed the meeting.  There was a lot of great discussion and participation.  Leigh and I were the only first time participants in the race, and we could feel the passion and excitement that the others had from participating in the run before.  It made us even more excited for race day!  Here are a few things we learned...

1)  The first 50km of the route are hillier then the second.  Leigh and I decided that we are going to each run our full 50km back to back rather then split it up into shorter legs.  With all the generous donations we have received we felt it better to approach it in the most epic way possible.  We have to give you your money's worth right??  We have been debating who will run first, and who will have to sit and wait in the van for several hours for their turn to run.  We both wanted to go first...Until Wednesday.  The hills helped Leigh decide to give up the debate and let me go first.  Nice right??

2) This is the third year of the race (I thought it was the second).  The first year (2011) there were 69 teams and 3 solo runners.  They raised $500 000.  In 2012 there were 97 teams and 8 solo runners, and they raised $750 000.  This year the goal is to raise 1 million dollars!!  We are so grateful to all of you who have already contributed.  Since out last fundraising update Victor has added to our total, and brought us to 64% of our goal.  Attending this meeting made us realize even more how important this initiative is.  We want to earn as much as we can for this cause.  If you would like to donate you can click the link in the side bar, or go here.

3)  They are looking for volunteers to help the race run smoothly.  There are a variety of volunteer roles, including set up and tear down, start and finish line crew, exchange point crew, and packet distribution.  A race of this distance and size requires a lot of people to make it a success.  If you are interested in participating as a volunteer go here to sign up.  This is a great way to be involved in an amazing cause.  As a runner, I am always so grateful to race volunteers.  Without them the races I enjoy so much would not be possible.

4)  Some of the exchange points are conducive to spectators, so if you'd like to come out, cheer us on, and maybe jump in and pace us for a km or two we would love to see you.  I am sure we will get more details on this as we get closer to race day.

5)  As I said the organizers are trying to increase participation in the race.  The more people they can get to run the more money will be raised, which is ultimately the goal of the race.  But, they want it to stay small enough that it has a family or community feel.  I can say that they are definitely accomplishing this.  They knew us by name, what team we are, and what our story is.  It was great to feel a part of this community united by the same goal.

6)  We met the dad of a little boy who had cancer.  We have a glimpse of the fear, anxiety, and helplessness involved in having a child with a serious illness, but I truly can not imagine what this family has endured. They have been participating in the run since the inaugural year.  The first year he was in treatment at the time of the run.  He had a treatment at Sick Kids in the morning, his mom then drove him to Blue Mountain so he could cross the finish line with the team that was running in his honour.  What an inspiring story.  Running 50km will be challenging and demanding, but it does not even compare to the challenges so many children are forced to endure.  Their strength and courage inspires me!


to go until

Off to bed...Our first 20 miler of marathon training on deck for tomorrow!


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