Tuesday, 23 April 2013


We are in week 14 of marathon training.  That's 5 runs/week, 2 weight training sessions/week, cross training once/week, 2 preschoolers, a house, a husband, and a shift work job...

I am tired!

I am actually surprised how tired marathon training has made me.  I figured that as we approached our peak mileage my body, my muscles, and my joints would start to feel tired.  I did not anticipate how much I would want to sleep.  We get the kids down to bed around 8, promptly at 8:30 I start to feel like I want to go to bed.  I usually hang on until 9 or so (so I can keep my street cred), and then pack it in.  I know that 5:30am is going to roll around and this is going to happen...

Saturday has turned into movie day at our house.  After we both run long (especially 16 miles +), we are pretty wiped.  The boys love having the chance to snuggle up and watch a movie, so it's a win-win situation.  I am always sure to have the laundry and other chores caught up on Friday, to free Saturday up for a whole lot of nothing.

It is exhaustion at it's finest.  The feeling of collapsing into bed at night after a busy day chasing with the boys, that started with a 10 mile run is unparalleled.  I adore ADORE my pillow.

I'm not done.

Here's some pictures of our cute boys and their fresh haircuts...

Cooper finally sat up in the chair himself.  He refused the cape (hence the towel).  Not overly thrilled, but still cute.

Time for bed...

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  1. Being committed to a cause is not always easy. I admire your courage and persistence but boy I get tired just watching you! (mom)