Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Can't Go Under It...


Can't go over it.
Can't go around it.
Gotta go through it.

The boys and I had a 90 minute run planned for this morning.  I prefer to avoid busy streets when stroller running so I went about the extra super speedy, not time consuming at all task of getting the boys, snacks, and toys ready, and then loading the boys and the snacks and the toys and the stroller into the van so we could drive to the trailhead.  Being close to the trailhead is the only (ONLY!!!!!) thing I miss about the old house.  Once at the trail we unloaded the van, loaded the stroller and we were off...For less then a mile.  This is where we found that the river had flooded over the path.  The thought of back tracking to the van, unloading the stroller, loading the van, going to the other trail, unloading the van, and loading the stroller was more then I could bear (at the time), sooooooo...

...We went right through it.  The water went to the tops of my shoes, and thankfully the stroller is high enough that only the tires ended up in the water.  The boys thought it was a fantastic adventure and were excited that we were going to have to go back through it on the way back.  Sigh...To be 2 and 4 again.  All I can say is, thank goodness for moisture wicking socks.  Despite indulging in a swim at the beginning of my run, these babies (from pro compression), kept my feet feeling dry and blister free.  Which is a good thing now that I am down almost 3 toenails and have a blood blister under one more.  Add blisters to the mix and I would never be able to convince Leigh to rub my feet (hint hint).

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