Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Summer Fun!

Summer is here and we have been busy with all manner of family activities.  As a result our blog has been neglected, like the floors, bathrooms, and flowerbeds at our house.  We kicked off the first real weekend of summer with an epic camping trip...In my sisters backyard.  We treated it (mostly) like a real camping trip, just using their kitchen sink for dishes, and the bathroom.  The boys had a ball!

Unlike household chores and blogging, running has (of course) not been neglected.  We may have set a world stroller running record with our 16 miler on Saturday.  Ok maybe not a world record, but before Saturday the farthest I had ever gone with the stroller was 10 miles.  At 2.26 miles we were forced by some irrational behaviour to bust out the iPad to keep the peace and the pace (womp womp).  We split it into 4 mile intervals, thinking that would be the easiest way to manage such a long distance.  But the end of 16 miles is still the end of 16 miles, and it was very tough to push through the end.  For me anyway, Leigh likes to make stroller running look easy...It's not easy!  On Sunday we did our regular hour long family run.  How better to train for a 50K then to push the kids...Right?

In other (more exciting) running related news, Lesley ran her first race!!!  We got some great photos of the kids at the starting line, but didn't get any good ones as Lesley ran by.  You're welcome for not posting the ones we did get Lesley ;)

I will let her share the details when she writes a race recap, but I will share that she rocked it and met her goal...We are so proud and loved being there.

We capped off the weekend at Riverside park for the Canada Day festivities.  Nothing like a little goat poo on your shoe (ugh...hate petting zoos!) to say Happy 146th Birthday to Canada.


  1. Amanda Masters3 July 2013 at 05:14

    Sounds like a fun weekend. We went to Moncton for an overnight trip and the boys had a blast. We got to have a great meal at the Keg to celebrate Scott's birthday early. Our chores inside and outside the house might need some attention but we are also enjoying the summer family time!

    Congrats Lesley on your first race! Can't wait to hear how it went.

    I did a Canada Day 10K and rocked it with a PR of 52 minutes. First in my age group :) Although it was a race of 36 and only 5 females in my age group! Still was pretty happy. So we keep on playing and running.

    1. Congrats on your first place! That's awesome!!