Tuesday, 17 September 2013


So we have slowly eased into our taper over the past couple of weeks, and now here we are, it's race week and we are in full on taper+nervous energy+trying to organize for race day mode.  You guys know how I feel about taper week.  The good news is that I am putting my extra energy into many previously neglected projects.  Since we started tapering I have sorted all the boys clothes, painted the front door, scrubbed the garage door, painted the shed door, fixed a missing board on the shed, polyurethaned some exposed wood on the shed, organized the toys in the playroom, touched up paint in the house, and updated my resume.  Over the next couple of days I MUST get the house spotless and get all the laundry caught up.  Why you ask?  Because I am preparing to feel WIPED OUT early next week!

We are so grateful and incredibly humbled by how generous all of you have been in donating to our team. Your money is going to a wonderful and important cause!  So THANK YOU!!! We will be thinking of all of you as we conquer this race.

If you would still like to donate, check out our fundraising page here.  It would be a surefire cure for my taper madness to see that number continue to rise!

Leigh is at the captain's (who made him team captain) meeting right now.  Hopefully he will have some exciting information to share when he gets home.

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  1. One productive running mother! Can't wait to hear the race report, will be cheering for you both race day. xo Amanda