Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Some Very Exciting Sears Run News!

I am not a pack rat.  On the hoarder spectrum, I am about as far away from the people on TLC as one can get.  I just am not attached to things, sometimes to a fault.

I am however, very attached to experiences, events, and memories.  I almost always feel weepy at the end of a vacation, or after Christmas.  I always feel nostalgic and sometimes a bit blue after a big race.  I get attached to the process, to the preparation, I get attached to the big event, and then I am attached to the memory and the feelings I associate with it, I miss it when it is over. The 2013 Sears Great Canadian Run is one of those experiences that I am extraordinarily attached to.  I frequently find myself reminiscing about the training, fundraising, and race day itself.  I often think of the people we met, and were inspired by.   I think a lot about the cause, and how much it has come to mean to us.

A little while age we received an unexpected email from the folks over the The Sears Great Canadian Run.  From the email:

"This year we have created an Ambassador program.  The program will be used to highlight past participants whose involvement made the event the success it was.  These people are out in their communities speaking about the event, generating social buzz and influencing individuals to participate."

We were, and are, absolutely honoured to have been selected as Ambassadors for The Sears Great Canadian Run.  It is a cause and event that has become very dear to our hearts, and is a very important part of our family, and something that we are very VERY attached to!

We started off by expanding our 2 person team to a team of 10!  I am currently leaning on a couple more people to join us.  If you would like to join in the fun, there is still plenty of time to train.  Contact us via the comments section here on the blog, facebook, e-mail, or in person to join our team.  If you fancy, head over to The Sears Great Canadian Run website and register a whole team of your own.

I have also just created a facebook page for our team.  We would love it if you would head over here to like our page.  We will share all sorts of things there.  Inspiration, training updates, news from The Run, and information about the fundraising events we have planned.

What fundraising events you ask?!?  

I'm so glad you asked.  The first event that we are ready to announce is the Inaugural Cooper's Troopers Pancake Breakfast.  

When:  August 2, 2014
Where:  Applebee's Restaurant Mississauga, 5700 Mavis Rd.
What do you get:  Pancakes, bacon, OJ, Tea, Coffee, served to you by our team!  We will also be holding a raffle for some great prizes.
How much of your money do we want:  Only $15!!

The restaurant can accommodate 150 people.  We would LOOOOVE to bring it to capacity.  

So here's what you can do for us.  Invite family, friends, coworkers, people who look like they like pancakes, people who look like they like bacon...Really, just invite anyone!

Please contact us at
to purchase tickets

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