Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Countdown Is On!

It is officially race week, and we couldn't be more excited!
Last Friday our Louise Arbour S.S. staff team members hosted a BBQ at school with the extra donations from our BBQ the previous Saturday.  It was a last minute fundraising event that ended up being a huge success.  They brought in $208.25, selling everything we had leftover, and even had to turn kids away when they ran out of food!

In other donation news, Lucas has been counting the money in his piggy bank on a daily basis since the flyer for the Book Fair came home this week.  He's just a little excited to blow his cash on a cheap Lego book because it has a minifigure attached to it.
After his daily count today he came downstairs with a loonie in his hand.  He handed it to me and said "I want to donate this dollar to Sick Kids."  I just love that sweet, generous, and thoughtful boy!  He was so pleased as we filled in the online form, and when he saw his name show up on the donation page.
Be like Lucas and the kids at LASS! There are only 5 days left to donate!!!  Your generosity will make a huge difference in the lives of kids and families in our communities.

Due to race day logistics the Cooper's Troopers fundraising page has been split in two.  So you can now click here or here to make a donation.

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