Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Happy Canada Day and Our First Corporate Sponsor

Happy Canada Day everyone!  Leigh and I each started the day with 7 mile runs.  I love running on holiday mornings.  The world is nice and quiet early on a holiday morning.  Felt like I had the whole city to myself.  We hit up Eggcetra for a rare (we are usually running all morning on Saturdays) breakfast out and then to Rockwood to canoe and explore.

We want to take an opportunity to announce our first, very generous corporate sponsor.  Paul and Kelly at Plexpack Corp.  in Toronto said they only donate to causes involving kids, or cancer.  As you all know The Sears Great Canadian Run benefits both!  Plexpack designs and manufactures flexible packaging machinery and solutions.  They are as passionate about ensuring customer satisfaction as they are about the community.  We are so grateful for their commitment to the community, to kids, and to cancer fundraising.  It is companies and people like this that can come together and truly make a difference in the fight to #endkidscancer.

Check out our fundraising link here to make a difference just like the folks at Plexpack.  Every dollar counts!

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