Friday, 25 January 2013

A Video and Portrait of My Morning Run

Still cold here.  This is me getting ready for my run this morning...

"I can't put my arms down"

Seriously, I also had to stop for a bathroom break 1/2 a mile in.

And also as I ran by the driveway of a Tim Horton's this happened...Don't know what was up with this guy.  I made direct eye contact with him, he slowed down, and then turned into me anyway.  Guess he needed his morning coffee...Bad!  Stinkin' Marv.

I Thought he was going to hop out of his car and yell "Santy don't the funeral homes little buddy."

And in other news.  We sold our house last night.  So glad to put an end to the constant, obsessive cleaning, and hauling the boys out of the house for showings.  We are never moving again.

Be back later with a photo from swimming lessons.



  1. Did your mommy get you ready for your run this morning :0)

  2. So I assumed this was Leigh right until the end. I didn't realize that you both had the same favorite movie!