Saturday, 26 January 2013

Marathon Training Week 1 + Cooper is a tough guy.

I have been well aware that Lexie is the better looking of the two of us (and smarter) and I'm okay with it. But yesterday's post by her threw me for a loop. See, I have always considered myself the comedian of our family, It's kind of what I do. Lexie is clearly going for that crown too. I guess I can always claim best beard in the family.

Try not to look up my nose.
Yesterday was a big day for us. Most importantly because Coops finally got to head back to swimming lessons (a big day for him). But also because I became a real man and learned how mortgages worked.

Cooper had a blast at swimming lessons. All the chicks digged his scar (I thought it was just a saying, but its true!) and all the dudes were scared of him (including Lucas). He even had to get a talking to by Lexie for acting up, which is a big time sign that he really is back to normal. But in all seriousness it was great for us to see him back at normal activities.

I swear we feed Lucas 3 square meals a day and snacks

In running related news, Lex and I finished week 1 of marathon training this morning. We both ran 9 mile (14.5km) long runs. For once it was not -20 and windy (my beard didn't even freeze, which was a little disappointing). It was cold but still sunny. We are both looking forward to next week when the temps get above 0 for a little while. Running in the snow has been wreaking havoc on our calves. For those you interested here is a little breakdown of runs we did this week:

3 miles easy (Lexie did both of her three milers together)
5 miles with hills
5 miles easy
3 miles easy
9 mile long run

I would say it was a successful start to our training.

I want to say thanks again to everyone who has supported us in our quest to raise funds for Sick Kids. We are almost halfway to our goal already. We are humbled by the generosity of everyone, and the willingness of people to share our cause with others. If you want to track our progress there is a link at the top right of the site to our fundraising page or if you don't want to look back up, you can click Here.

Please leave us comments! We love reading them and it makes us feel happy! For those of you having issues, it seems to have something to do with the mobile version, so feel free to flip on over to web version to leave a comment.

Are you happy here are warmer days ahead?



  1. That beard is scarier than Cooper's scar! :0)
    But I guess it keeps your face warm when you run in this weather!

  2. I can't leave a comment with the name/URL because the pop up for my name won't let me type in the boxes, I am sure it's an issue with using my iPhone. So I will comment this way for now :)

    I am looking forward to it warming up! My long run outside yesterday called for 6 miles on my 1/2 plan and I did with a smile. It was only -10 +windchill, balmy really.