Monday, 28 January 2013

A Winter Wonderland

Got up early this morning and headed out for my scheduled 6 miler.  I opened the door and realized I was in for it!  There was about 6 inches of freshly fallen snow on the ground, the snow had stopped, but there was some light freezing rain falling.  I am working nights tonight, so knowing I had no other time to get my run in, I headed out anyway.  Now I must say, I enjoy winter running.  A blanket of snow mutes the whole world and makes my early morning run even more secluded, quieter, more about me and about my thoughts.  This morning those thoughts were, HOLY CRAP I feel like a hurdler!


Unfortunately, I wasn't envisioning myself as one of those strong, agile, fast sort of hurdlers.  I felt more like these guys above.  I struggled every step to get my feet high enough to get them up out of the snow.  It was also slippery and unstable, so by the time I hit a plowed area of sidewalk about 2.5 miles in my hips and legs were already SO fatigued.  About 2 miles of my 6 mile route were plowed, and I was grateful for that and managed to get my 6 miles in for the day.  It felt like the hardest run I have ever done, my right hip and IT band were screaming at me by the time I got home.  Didn't realize the extent of the beating my hips took until I attempted and awesome through the legs light saber move during a battle with Lucas.  So stiff!

Not from today, but a light saber battle none the less.

I will count it as a fantastic strength training session and hope for a smidgen less snow for my next run.  Usually if I need to do 6 miles I do 6.2 (to make an even 10K), today I rushed home to get Leigh off to work, so my extra .2 was shovelling the driveway.  

Came inside to this adorable little face, ready to start the day.  

I love him!

We stayed home for a quiet snow day sort of day, that started off with making Rice Krispie Squares.

I think the "sampling" is their favourite part

Lucas left to play Lego once they were in the pan.  As you can see Cooper remained committed to helping "clean up"

Leigh ended up being sent home from work once he had already driven an hour to get there.  So we ended up with an impromptu family day.  Can't complain.


How was your Monday?

Snow day for you?


  1. Awesome commitment to the cause... we've had similar days of late. Except that we've been kept inside by 45 degree heat, then torrential rain. Ah Australia, there's no place like it.

    Keep those legs pumping!

  2. Just wanted to say how amazing you both are. What you guys are doing, both in raising money, and in updating this blog, is unbelievable and just shows how determined and committed you truly are. If we had more Leighs and Lexies in this world, we might eliminate the word "cancer" all together. Enough can't be said about how great Sick Kids Hospital is, and your efforts to raise all this money is just one of 7,468 reasons why I love you.

    To quote my cousin, who had a blog much like this when she challenged and beat breast cancer.... "just keep swimming"...

    Love Ryan

  3. Another rocking run! Also I love Cooper's clean up commitment ;) Take care of those hips lots more miles to go. xo Amanda