Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Deal of The Day

Today the boys and I popped into the Athletic Locker Warehouse Sale in Cambridge.

Seems the hours are wrong on their flyer, when I got there at 9:40 they told me they were not open until 10.  They were kind enough to let us in early though.

Let me tell you, I am glad the boys were both in chipper and patient moods, because there were some great deals for runners, and other athletic types!  They sat under a rack of running tops, called it the Death Star (we are in a Star Wars phase), and had a blast while I sorted through boxes of bras.  Lucas told me about 10 times...I LOVE IT HERE...He had so much fun!

Here is my haul!

The shoes are not from the warehouse, but from the Athletic Locker Outlet which is right up the street
I got:
-3 Moving Comfort tech tees
-6 (yes 6!) Moving Comfort sports bras
-2 pairs of Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes

Now hear me out!  Even Leigh was on board with this.  I am admittedly a recovering Lululemon Addict, and I will venture to say that Moving Comfort is of equal (if not better) quality.  Just like Lululemon, you pay for quality.  Moving Comfort is pricey, especially in Canada.  The bras were $7.50 each.  $7.50!!!  They typically run between $45 and $60 when I have seen them in stores or at race expos.  I can now retire my sad 10-12 year old sports bras!  The tech tees were $15 each,  from around $60.  I already have a green one in the seamless style (like the red and grey ones pictured), and I love it. They are flattering, well fitting, do not ride up, and they are super cute, with nice details like this:

Pretty pattern woven right into the fabric, and a nice little reminder inside the bottom hem.

The shoes were 50% off.  Every runner knows that the time to get new shoes is when the new model is released.  The Pure Project 2's were recently released, which means the 1's are on deep discount.  It was just my luck that they had 2 pairs of ridiculously big size 11's, which are typically really hard to find, so I bought both.  May as well grab them before they are gone and I have to pay full price for the 2's.  I will talk about these amazing shoes in another post.  There is no better shoe out there...At least for me :)

So if you can make it out, and are after some new gear, check this sale out before they close up.

I also wanted to share this message from my friend Roger

"The human spirit is indomitable"

Big day for the Hanna Family tomorrow.  Tune in!

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