Monday, 4 February 2013

Training Week 2 + New Fundraising Goal!

Before I delve into all that was last week, I want to share a funny Super Bowl commercial with you. I was doing my run on the treadmill at work today (Phys Ed teacher perks) and threw on some commercials from yesterday when I came across this gem:

I had to slow my already slow run down a bit so I wouldn't fall off while laughing, less I end up on this video:

In even more exciting news: On Saturday, only 2 weeks after starting this blog and our fundraising efforts, we saw this:

Again, I want to thank everyone who has supported our cause over the last two weeks. It has been big time humbling for us to have so much support. A big thank you to our most recent supporters Mama and Papa G and Auntie Lynne for putting us over the hump.

Because of the huge amount of support we have received, we have adjusted our goal. To this:

Thanks again to all those that helped us reach our original goal. Its a little scary, but by upping our goal, we hope we can continue to be motivated to gather support for such an amazing cause.

Saturday also marked the end of Marathon Training week 2, and we are loving it. Despite the fact that my nose hairs keep freezing, I for some reason am enjoying the very cold runs. It may be just because I like to see the look on peoples faces when I tell them Lexie and I run outside in wind chills that would make a polar bear shiver.

Week two looked like this for us:

Monday: Lexie - 6 miles, Leigh - 3 miles
Tuesday: Lexie - 6 miles, Leigh - 6 miles
Wednesday: Cross Train
Thursday: Lexie - 6 Miles, Leigh - 3 miles
Friday: Lexie-Cross Train, Leigh - 6 Miles
Saturday: Lexie: 9 miles + ice cream, Leigh: 9 miles + ice cream

So our total for the week was 27 miles or 43.5 km.

Share some other Super Bowl commercials with us in the comments!



    the San Francisco 50 - 1ers


  2. 27 miles and ice cream!!!! Oma