Sunday, 17 March 2013

Christmas in March! (weekly recap)

Today was my second Christmas. Every year around this time a jolly round man named Bryant Charles Gumbel appears on my television to tell me about all the wonderful toys basketball I will be gifted with over the next few weeks. This is Bryant's face:

Beautiful right? Anyway, today marked the start of the 2013 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament. Or as we call it around here; Daddy watches basketball all day Thursday-Sunday for 3 weeks season. The average person would know this a March Madness. This year was kind of disappointing because for as long as I have been teaching the first week of March Madness has also coincided with March Break, which I have off. This year it falls the week AFTER March Break, so woe is me. Regardless, I look forward to watching many basketball games with my family (or more likely, by myself). I hope you all also partake in this wonderful occasion. I would be remiss if I didn't add this:

This was a good running week for us. Me being off work meant no one had to run super early and it was not as challenging as usual to get our runs in. Our schedule broke down like this:

Monday: Lexie - 8 miles with a hill workout she DESTROYED, Leigh - 8 hilly miles
Tuesday: Lexie - 4 miles with weights, Leigh - 4 miles
Wednesday: Lexie - 7 miles with 4 @ marathon pace, Leigh - 4 Miles
Thursday: Lexie - Spinning/Weight class, Leigh - 7 miles with 4 @ marathon pace
Friday: Lexie - 4 miles, Leigh - Chased Cooper around the house all afternoon/evening
Saturday: Lexie - 14 miles, Leigh - 14 miles

Quick story about my (Leigh's) long run. We both had a pretty tough time, probably because our legs are starting to get a little tired from all the miles. Well as I'm on my way out, Lexie thoughtful as ever, suggests I take a key so her and the boys can head out for some errands. So I oblige, putting the key in the pouch on my fuel belt. FYI: A fuel belt looks like this:

I put my key in that pouch on the right
So I get home, dreaming of a warm shower, a cold drink, and a soft seat. I reach into my pouch.......nothing, no key. It appears at some point during my run when I had reached into the pouch for the fuel I also was keeping in there, the key had fallen out. The end result was me standing in the freezing cold for 40 minutes waiting for Lexie to get home. It may have been as cold as I have ever been, and I just finally warmed back up again 34 minutes ago. Moral of the story? Use the KEY POCKET in your fuel belt next time. Seriously there is a pocket inside the pocket to prevent exactly what happened to me. In my defense I didn't notice it until I had already lost my key.

This coming week is a big one for us, and not just because of March Madness. On Sunday we will be running the Around the Bay 30K Road Race in Hamilton. Check back for a pre-race post and recap and review after.

Have a good week everyone. Don't forget....  GO HEELS!



  1. Grandpa, didn't you lose to Eliza once in our bracket challenge?

  2. snook is a very talented tournament handicapper.

  3. Leigh, you know approx where you had you fuel, drive back and see if you. And find the key :0)

  4. Bummer on the key, I am always terrified of losing keys especially when I had to drive to my run location. Awesome miles :) Amanda