Saturday, 16 March 2013

He had me at Hello...

Hello, I'm from the SickKids Foundation that is.

A couple of weeks ago a representative from the Sick Kids Foundation arrived on our doorstep canvasing for donations to their "SickKids Miracle Club."  Ever since Cooper started his journey with SickKids this logo literally reaches out and grabs my attention.

So when Steve from the SickKids foundation showed up on our doorstep, with this logo on his jacket, and binder, and that binder full of women of SickKids information with that logo all over it, you better believe he had my attention.  So rather then turn him away like I do to anyone else trying to sell something or ask for money at my front door, I asked him to step into the front hall and out of the cold to tell us about the SickKids Miracle Club.  He asked if we had any connection to SickKids, so I told him Cooper's story, and I got teary, and he got teary.  It was an easy decision to make, we joined the Miracle Club and are now making monthly donations to SickKids.  When you live through an experience like that with your child you are changed.  I will forever feel in debt to SickKids.  They saved my child's life.

We continue to be in awe of you, for your generosity in contributing to our fundraising for The Sears Great Canadian Run.  Since our last fundraising update Tobey, and Katie have both added to our grand total of $1240.  We have a little ways to go to reach our revised goal of $2000.  We are so grateful to all those who have already contributed, and to all those who would even consider supporting this worthy cause.

Hope you are having a great Saturday.  We are having a lazy day around here, the boys both have runny noses, and Leigh and I are recovering from rough 14 milers this morning.  Bring on ice cream night!


  1. We are also joined the Miracle Club because of Cooper :)

    1. Amber, that's amazing. Your donations are going to such a wonderful place. Thank you!