Tuesday, 5 March 2013

"Mommy, I feel better now"

Just as we all expected Cooper was a rock star for his surgery this morning.  We started off with a little hiccup.  He needed to take a large dose of antibiotics and a dose of Tylenol prior to his surgery.  Have you ever tried to make a 2 year old swallow something they don't want to?  Needless to say, the sweatshirt that I was wearing is currently in the washing machine.  Once we got past that minor detail he settled right in.

I carried him into the OR and laid him down.  I stayed with him and rubbed his chest until he was asleep.  After about 30 minutes the nurse came to get me.  It turns out Cooper was kind enough to remove his IV for the nurse...Nice kid eh?  Helping out the nurses.  Then I was the lucky recipient of a solid 2 1/2 hour snuggle.  At one point he lifted up his head grabbed my cheeks and said "mommy, I feel better now."  I guess he knows that once he feels better he gets to go home.  Can't fault the kid for trying.  His throat was (is) sore.  He will fuss, tell me "owie" while he grabs at his mouth and then comes at me with a big wide open mouth so I can kiss his throat better...Ha.

When we got home he devoured 2 bowls of rice krispies (who doesn't love cereal for lunch?!) and a banana and went for a 3 hour nap.  Lucas was still at Oma's, so I capitalized on my kid free afternoon and painted the kitchen.

He woke up snuggly, but soon was back to his Coopery self, running around and wreaking havoc.  Guess if I want a snuggle I need to have him sedated!


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  1. Life with Cooper will never be boring....thank goodness!