Monday, 29 April 2013

Peak Training Week

In contrast to Leigh I have almost been afraid to say out loud how well this training cycle has been going for me.  We are in week 15, I have not missed a single run, I have not missed a fraction of a mile.  I have hit every pace for every interval workout, I have run every marathon pace run at marathon pace (or better), and hit lower the my predicted pace for my Yasso 800's.  I have run my fast runs fast, my easy runs slow, and my long runs slower.  I am pretty much the most annoying person in the world to an injured runner...And poor Leigh has to live with me.

As I type he is having a massage at a very runner focused physio clinic, and he texted me earlier to say he had a relatively pain free run this afternoon...I am hoping that he comes home a much happier injured runner.

I have been following the rules and my body has responded. I am really REALLY surprised at how my fitness has improved over the last 15 weeks.  I am faster and stronger then I was before, the paces are coming easier, and the post workout aftermath on my body has been minimal.  After my first half marathon last May I ended up in physio for a number of different issues.  So here I am, training for twice the distance, and my body feels better.  I am thrilled, and hopeful that I am not jinxing myself here!

This week is our peak training week, and I am equally excited to conquer it, and anxious to tackle each workout.  I worked nights last night, so instead of tackling my hardest workout of the week on Monday which I typically like to do, I just did my easy 4 miler today.  Post night shift legs just do not permit a tough workout.  The rest of the week looks like this:

Tuesday-10 miles with 6 Yasso 800's
Wednesday-30 minutes Stair Climber and weights at the gym
Thursday-10 miles with 8 miles at marathon pace
Friday-5 miles easy (hopefully with Mum??)
Saturday-22 miles LSD

That's a 51 mile week, which is my highest mileage week ever, toss in a couple of speed workouts and I have a challenging week ahead of me.  I am excited to see how it goes.  As a (mostly) stay at home mom, it feels great to be able to check of something as complete each and every morning.  I can complete my runs perfectly, hit my paces and my distances, and it is done.  Very little else in my life is ever done.  There is always something in the hamper, there are always dishes to be washed, or put away, there is always a spot on the wall or floor to wipe, and with all the boys in this house there are always (ahem) toilets to be wiped.  I am looking forward to my mental checkmarks after each of these workouts this week.


  1. Amanda Masters2 May 2013 at 04:48

    Wow, now that's a high mileage week! Continued to be amazed, still think I am happy at the 1/2 marathon distance and training commitment :)

  2. Wait until you run your half...