Wednesday, 1 May 2013


I think...I hope...I REALLY hope it's safe to say that Spring has finally arrived in Ontario.  After a winter that just WOULD. NOT. QUIT, I am so happy to see (and feel) some sunshine and warmer temperatures.  I feel...Twitterpated!

I love the Spring time.  Leigh and I started dating 13 years ago in April, and our 6th wedding anniversary is next week.  No wonder this time of year twitterpates me.

After a long, cold and snowy winter with two preschool aged boys, it's no wonder the Mom part of me feels giddy.  I spend the whole winter being a one woman entertainment committee.  Every morning I have to come up with something to do in order to ensure that we all survive until Daddy gets home (with our sanity intact).  People always comment to me that they think it's great that I take the boys to do so many different things.  Little do they know, it's as much for me as it is for them.  I don't like being cooped up in the house with those two monkeys any more then they like being cooped up.  We all have a much better day when we head out to spend some time at the library, swimming, big bird club at the Y, the early years centre, the Lego store, the train museum, the mall, Eliza's house, McDonald's play place ($2 on muffins for a morning snack, and you have an indoor playground for your playing pleasure).  But at the end of winter, coming up with activities becomes tiresome.  We all get bored with the fall back activities, and I get Mom block (sort of like writer's block).  But in the Spring...Oh the Spring...What are we going to do today?  Easy, we are going OUTSIDE.  We can play in the backyard, we can play in the front yard, we can ride bikes, and cars, and do sidewalk chalk.  We can go to the Arboretum to run all morning, and hunt for frogs in the Japanese garden, and look for gophers, and have a picnic.  We can bike ride to the trail and explore.  In Spring we can get dirty, and tired, and happy...And Mommy barely has to think to make it happen.  Twitterpated!  I love Spring!

Snack time in the backyard

Sunny day!
Riding to the park in Venelope's race car (Wreck it Ralph is big right now)
After a long cold winter of marathon training, the runner is me is giddy as well.  In the Spring time it doesn't take me 20 minutes to put on my 73 layers of running clothes before I head out.  Shorts, sports bra, t-shirt, socks...Done.  And even better then the ease of getting dressed, in the Spring I don't have to wash the 73 layers of running clothes generated by each run.  Spring time running clothes take up much less room in the hamper then dead of winter running clothes.  I love heading out early in the morning in the Spring time.  The air feels warm, and the birds are chirping because they are twitterpated too.

We are looking forward to some warm weather running to prepare us for Ottawa.  We first became a little concerned about the potential for warm weather on the day of the Ottawa Marathon when Leigh went in to see our family Dr.  Her husband ran Ottawa a couple of years ago and ended up with heat exhaustion.  It is widely known in the running community that heat makes it more difficult to run.  Because your body works hard to cool itself, your pace suffers, and dehydration and subsequent cramping become bigger issues as well.  We would really like to get a few hot weather runs under our belts before the end of my to acclimate our winter trained bodies a little bit.  Thankfully Saturday's forecast looks like this...

We have a 22 miler to do midmorning on Saturday, this is considerably better for acclimating to some warmth then the snow and wind we ran our 20 miler in 2 weeks ago.  Rumour has it that frozen yogurt has the perfect carb/protein ratio for recovery...We'll test it out on Saturday and let you know.

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