Wednesday, 8 May 2013

We're Lovin' It

Leigh and I met over 13 years ago when we were high school students working at McDonald's.  Our siblings and many of our cousins were also McDonald's employees at one time or another, some are still McDonald's employees.  One of my uncles works at the head office, and one is a franchisee on the East coast.  I guess you could say that it is in our blood...Hopefully just not in the artery blocking sort of way.

Today is McHappy Day.  Also known as Blow Off Dinner And Take The Kids For A Happy Meal Day.  $1 from every Happy Meal, Big Mac, and hot McCafe beverage will be donated to Ronald McDonald Houses and other children's charities across Canada.

Ronald McDonald Houses are facilities located near hospitals that provide housing, education, and a variety of other programs to support families of children being treated for serious illnesses at those hospitals.  When your child is facing a serious illness and your whole world is shattered RMH steps in to assist in keeping families close and connected.  It gives them a haven away from the hospital, while keeping them close to their child.  We are so blessed that we (and our parents) live so (relatively) close to the best paediatric cardiac facility in the world, we can only imagine how much more difficult our journey with Cooper would have been if we had to travel great distances to receive the care he needed.

You could do like I do and order your Big Mac with no meat, with tomato, and extra pickles (I promise you that you won't miss the meat), and throw in a side salad instead of fries. It's not health food, but you knock down the fat and calories a bit and still get to participate in the McHappy Day fun.

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