Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Good Eats

The boys and I made a Costco run on Friday where we found these...

When we got home and I tried them I texted Leigh this photo and informed him that he would be lucky if there were any left by the time he got home.  They actually lasted until this morning when I polished off the bag when I got home from my night shift.  Best breakfast ever.   Because I want everyone to experience this little taste of heaven I thought I would share it with you here.  RUN to Costco and get yourself many bags of these.  You won't be sorry.

Here are a few other things being devoured around here these days.

We learned about Nuttzo from the gals over at Another Mother Runner.  We love peanut and almond butter so it was highly likely that Nuttzo would be a hit as well.  It is 7 nut and seed butter and it is awesome.  We found amazon.com was the best deal.  We had some shipping issues and dealt directly with Danielle (the owner) who was amazing to deal with.  Fantastic product and fantastic customer service.

 These don't look like much...Well I guess they actually look sort of gross, but give them a chance.  These homemade Lara Bars are a snack staple.  Even the boys are crazy about them.  They start with ground almonds, flax or chia, coconut, and dates.  Then we add other ingredients mint extract, cocoa, and mini chocolate chips, or dried cranberries, dried apples and cinnamon are favourites.

Next in the lineup, these sideways cherry tomatoes (the photo is not cooperating and won't turn).  These are the sweetest cherry tomatoes ever, Lucas eats them like candy and they are so sweet Cooper thinks they are grapes.

 Summer requires popsicles, and these are TO DIE FOR.  We get them at No Frills.  Banana and Strawberry are by far our favourites.  We bought mango ones as well, but have been feeding those ones to the boys.

 Here's a little gander into the bottom drawer of our freezer.  The most important things in life, smoothie fruit and our ice cream maker bowl.

And now the fun stuff...

Eggs benedict and berries for father's day breakfast.  The boys 'helped' make breakfast, by helped I mean made a huge mess.  Usually eggs benedict is reserved for Christmas morning and Leigh is the usually the chef.  The kids and I should be on Masterchef.

I made Leigh's favourite cupcakes for our father's day shindig with my side of the family.  They are homemade (read; actually good) hostess copycats.  Instead of the trademark loopy icing I wrote dad, cause it was father's day...Get it!?!

And last but not least I made this Snickers Cake for Leigh's father's day celebration at home.  It was STUPID good.  Best cake ever.  Like so good that I sent the leftovers to work with Leigh on Monday morning to save me from myself.  Instead I just ate more Popcorners.

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