Friday, 21 June 2013

The Time I Ran So Fast The Stroller Exploded

Ok, so that's not entirely accurate.  On Wednesday morning I set my alarm for 6am so I could get my 60 minute run in before Leigh left for work.  I had worked nights Monday night and was some kind of tired, so when my alarm went off I promptly fell back to sleep, missing my opportunity for a solo run.  The boys and I headed out and did 6.24 miles in 60 minutes (a 9:40 pace...which for me is blazing fast with over 100 lbs of kids and stroller).

It was later on our trip to the park that the stroller handle partially broke.  I was optimistic at this point that it was fixable.  And then on the way home, this...

In case you can't tell, the entire handle is snapped off on one side.  The plastic joint is broken completely in two.  Very NOT fixable, and this stroller is no longer manufactured, so we could not replace the part.

Going without a jogger is simply not an option. Far more important then running with it...Walking with the boys in the afternoon is currently the only way (that I don't have to pay for gas for) that I can get this to happen...

And trust me...Everyone who is around Cooper from 4pm until bedtime NEEDS that to happen.  Lucas and I have also been enjoying our afternoon adventures while Cooper is having his nap...

So we first turned to kijiji where I spent hours looking for a new double jogger.  We went and looked at a couple and learned that either our kids are freaks freakishly tall, or most joggers are simply not built tall enough.  Even 2 year old Cooper looked something like this...

Remember when the Dodo's were taking Big Bird home on Follow That Bird and his head stuck out the top of the car?
So that's how we ended up with this little beauty.

My dad's 30 year old bike is photo bombing
And with some amazing luck and a mistake on the part of an employee at Speed River Bicycle we got a great deal on it.  We stopped by on the way to soccer last night to have a look and price things out.  We talked it over and decided to go for it.  When I went back today I learned that we were quoted the clearance price for a single version not the price of the double which was not on sale.  The stars aligned and the guy that was helping me was awesome, and honoured the price they quoted us.  So we are back on the road again, and (thank goodness) Cooper is back to napping.

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  1. Woohoo! Lucky and that is freakishly fast for a stroller run with two kiddos. I had my first stroller run since the snow flew in December this week and it was on a trail so it felt freakishly slow by Garmin measurements but felt like I was race pacing it haha! xo AM