Friday, 26 July 2013

I didn't know he knew my name?!

You know that feeling you have when you get a new haircut?  All fresh and peppy, like the removal of a half ounce of hair has taken a literal weight off your shoulders, making you feel light on your feet.  Is that just me?  Anyhow, we got haircuts on Wednesday morning, and on Wednesday afternoon we had the jogging arms on our new Chariot replaced in an effort to fix some issues that were making the stroller very very very very VERY hard to run with.  Like harder then just pushing 75 lbs of boys and all their boy accessories, and all their boy snacks, and all their boy tendency to bother each other.

So we set out for a 90 minute stroller run on Thursday morning and I was feeling all peppy, and light on my feet, and happy to be out on the trail with my best boys.  We got out the door and to the trail relatively drama free (like it took less then 14 hours).  The stroller was tracking in a perfectly straight line, instead of trying to pull me into the bushes.  I felt like I was a runner running with a stroller, not a frazzled and sweaty mom hanging on desperately and trying to get the run done before the figurative wheels came off.


The boys were happily chatting away and I was in the zone and not paying particular attention to what they were saying until Cooper's voice singing the same words over and over pulled me back to reality.  What was he saying?


This guy...

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  1. oh Cooper! Oma adores you :0)