Monday, 5 August 2013

We Are Still Alive!

Being the wife of a teacher, I always look forward to summer vacation.  Summer vacation is precious, concentrated family time.  Time where there is another normal, rational human being at home during the day, one who doesn't require help to use the potty.  Each and every summer Leigh takes one for the team and teaches 4 weeks of summer school before getting to enjoy summer holidays. That means that once our summer begins we jam pack every single second of every single day full of fun summer things.  Since summer school ended a week ago it's been all fun all the time.  We started with a 22 miler.

It looked like this on our drive to the trail.

You know you're in for it when you have to pack a cooler of provisions for your run.  You can see my new shoes there at the right side.  P.S. Brooks Canada you are killing me with the no women's size 11's in your shoes.  I want the pretty women's colours not the blah men's ones!

Jelly beans and peanut M&M's for fueling.  You can guarantee that I ate that juicy pear one right in the middle.

Then we packed up and went camping at Awenda Provincial Park with Auntie Karadev (Auntie Kara and Auntie Devyn are one to the boys)

Ridiculously cute 

Feeding the chipmunks peanuts...From the middle of peanut M&M's

Lucas didn't want the chipmunk to touch his hand, his shoe was fair game.

Cute face

Pride Rock

Breakfast after a rainy night

Ready to go canoeing

At the Midland Drive-in Movie

After several days of camping food carb loading (marshmallows) we ran a 24 mile long run that I sadly have no pictures of.  It was not pretty, you are not missing much.

And then this...

Leigh is the big 3-0!!!

So there you have it, our busy first week of summer vacation.  Next time you hear from us we will be writing from somewhere in the kingdom of Obama.


  1. I looked at the one pictures, and said to myself, "Leigh got a coffee maker for his birthday?"..... Then I looked closer... Giggle... Cheri

    1. Nope..A sodastream. It was a big hit :)

  2. I love Florida, can't wait!!! (oma)