Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Post Vacation Cleanse

Our vacation ended up lasting 20 days.  That's 20 days of vacation eating.  I guess you could call it a 20 day carb load extravaganza.  We arrived home on Sunday night, on Monday morning...And afternoon, we did this:

A little thing we decided to call The Post Vacation Cleanse Marathon.  A 26.2 mile, ice cream scented sweat fest.  It was a huge mental and physical challenge, and we were glad to be able to run it together (Thanks Oma!!!).  That marks our final LONG long run of our first ultra marathon training cycle!  The big day is coming quickly...VERY quickly.  We are overwhelmed with the support we have received from so many people. If you were waiting until closer to race day...Now's your chance.  Check out our fundraising page here.  We hope to raise as much as we can by September 21st for this amazing cause.

After dinner we headed to the drive-in to see Planes.  No better way to spend a summer evening.

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