Friday, 9 August 2013

Beach Run

A 22(ish) hour drive with three of the goofiest people on the planet left me with all sorts of things to share.  Here is a little glimpse into what was heard on the first few days of our trip.

Lucas-"I never want to go in the Bookmobile, it's got janky wheels. (for the record, I don't think he has ever even seen the Bookmobile and I'm not entirely sure any of us know what janky means)

Cooper-Can we watch 'Spicable Me? x10000000000000000000

Cooper (after watching Despicable me x10000000000000000000)-"Hey Dave, listen up please."

Me-"Hey, no potty talk guys."
Lucas-"He started it."
repeat x 1000

Lucas (after we tried multiple time and multiple approaches to explain Countries, Provinces, and States)-"Pennsylvania is my favourite country." (we have been reading The Magic Treehouse series, set in Pennsylvania)

Leigh-"We should make a Call Me Maybe song about this car ride." (and then he did)

Lucas (immediately after our arrival on Disney property)-"I am so excited to be here I feel like crying."

Cooper (leaving the beach)-"Mommy, this is our sweet home."

Lucas-"What are we doing tomorrow?  What are we doing the day after tomorrow?  What are we doing the day after the day after tomorrow?"

And just for good measure here are a couple of shots from my run this morning...

It's a tough life.

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