Monday, 18 November 2013

We survived...

...Birthday Season 2013!!  From September 12th to November 6th there are 8 birthday's in our family, including both of our boys.  We pretty much spend the fall buying presents, assembling toys, and eating cake.  A week ago we hosted Lucas' friends party.  Finally taking down the balloons and streamers (that in a moment of weakness, I told them we would leave up for awhile) on Thursday officially marked the end of birthday season.  Phew!

Wanted to share a few photos of the details of his party.  We put up a sign saying our house was The Jedi Training Academy.  The Padawans had to complete all their 'training' (the games) in order to become Jedi's.  Don't want to post photos of other people's kids, so you can just imagine 13 boys, and 3 girls running around our house for 2 hours of chaotic bliss.  We also had lots of craft supplies out for them to build droids with.

Dark Side Bowling
Han Solo in Carbonite (that's purple, yellow, and green jello).  We had 4 Hans and the kids were only allowed to use toothpicks to free him.
Lucas blasting the Stormtrooper.  We then opened the other California shutters to reveal Vader in the window well.

Using The Force to eat the marshmallow without using their hands
Pin the Lightsaber on the Jedi.  Used a large gift bag with the handles removed and attached it to the easel.  Just printed out lightsabers and backed them with bristol board.

Lightsaber fruit skewers.  Found the skewers with the flat 'handle' at the bottom at the dollar store.   Painted them black and then added a red sticker for a button.

Unfortunately don't have a great cake photo without kids in it.  But you get the drift...Awesome Vader cake by Oma.  The lime sherbet you see there was for "Yoda Soda."  Lime sherbet and Sprite.
An army of Star Wars flashlights with Jedi Training certificates attached for party favours.

Got the Jedi Knight certificate printable and some great ideas here, and then took my own creative licence.

We survived Birthday Season...Bring on Christmas!!

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