Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Something remarkable happened!

A few times over the last couple of week Leigh and I have been able to run on weekday mornings, at the same time, without a babysitter!  For those of you with kids, you know that this truly is remarkable. No, we did not become neglectful parents and leave our sleeping rugrats home alone.  We got...
A $150 treadmill, second hand on Kijiji.  Not only does it make Leigh really fast (see how blurry he is...that's called speed, and a foggy iphone camera lens from my cold outside run), but it opens up a whole new world of possibility where we can both run while the boys are sleeping!  It is currently living in the garage because Leigh threw out his back the day after he picked it up, but it will soon have it's own little corner in the basement.

In other news, our house is buzzing with Christmas excitement.  Cooper has been obsessed with The Polar Express.  Both the book and movie are in heavy rotation.  It's going to blow his mind when he finds out I have the audio of the story on my phone for him!  When I asked him what he wants for Christmas, without hesitation he declared, "a bell."  He has held firm with that request.  Still 2 weeks later whenever we ask, he says he wants a bell.  It is the most darling, adorable thing I have ever heard. It helped me decide what I want for Christmas...For that sweet precious little boy to stay 3 years old forever.

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  1. I love Kijiji! Been looking at some fitness equipment lately myself! Good for you guys... getting a deal and staying fit :-P
    xo Laura