Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Done and Done

It's 11:27 on New Years Eve and I am fairly certain I will not be running any more miles in 2013.  In fact, I am fairly certain that I will be lucky if I drag myself up to bed rather then falling asleep on the couch before midnight, seeing as I am already up 2 hours past my bedtime.  So given that the totals are in, this is how running went in 2013...

I raced:
-Around The Bay 30K (3:02ish)
-Ottawa Marathon-42.2K (3:48:17)
-Sears Great Canadian Run-50K (5:14ish)

My total mileage for the year was 1805 miles!

Leigh will be on soon to tell you all about his 2013 in running, and how he went out in style.

Happy New Year!

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