Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Big News!!

Today this happened...
We have been looking forward to this day since about 6:15pm on September 21st, 2013.  Ok, it may have taken Leigh just a little bit longer to get excited about running again...
But we can't really blame him, because he had just moments before finished running 50K, and I had been marinating in all the lactic acid glory of running 50K for 6 hours while he was running.

In all seriousness the day of the Sears Great Canadian Run in 2013 will live on as one of our very favourite days ever.  You can read all about it herehere, and here.  It was truly a life changing day, and not something that you can understand until you participate in it yourself.

So, I guess you know what's coming next.  WE WANT YOU!!!!!!!!!!  50K was a long and tough journey.  We learned that it took a long time to fully recover from that effort.  At some point I would like to try it out again, possibly even a solo 100K effort some year, Leigh is not a glutton for punishment (or stupid) like me.  But this year is not the year.  This year we have other running goals that will not jive with a 50K effort.  So we are looking for teammates to join us.  We would like to put together as many Cooper's Troopers teams as we can.  If you are interested in joining the fun check out the website and let us know.  A few things to note:

-Until February 14th, 2014 registration is only $20!!!!!!!  This is an absolute steal.

-The fundraising requirement is $500/runner.  We are planning on doing some fundraising events this year so we can work together to bring in some big money for Sick Kids.

-You don't have to run far or run fast.  There were runners from all different levels of interest and experience.  There were lots of people who walked.  There are legs of varying distances.  We are hoping that we will have enough interest that we can accommodate everyone who wants to be a Cooper's trooper!

Please let us know (via a blog comment, Facebook, email, phone call, raceposal, CB radio, walkie talkie, or just tell us to our faces) by February 14, 2014 so we can all be cheap together and only have to pay $20 for registration.  Then we can all donate the $30 we save.

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  1. 'This year we have other running goals that will not jive with a 50K effort.' i wonder would the biggest of those goals be the 1 mile siesta beach marathon?