Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Polar Express Love Continues

Had a stroller run planned this morning, and woke up having a hankering to do a longish run.  We learned on the way to school that the sidewalks were VERY slippery, so Coopy and I headed to the trail by our old house, thinking that the crushed gravel surface on the trail would be less slippery...It was not.  Much of the trail was icy, but we still managed to make it work.  Cooper didn't make a peep the whole 10 miles.  I bundled him up in the stroller, turned the audio book of The Polar Express on my phone on repeat and tucked it in the inside pocket of the stroller and then pulled the stroller cover down, creating some pretty good surround sound for him.  Everyone was happy, he got to listen to Liam Neeson read his favourite story, and I got to run without having to answer the question, "what's for dinner mommy?" for 10 miles.
I know he looks miserable in this picture, but really he was happy and cheerful the whole run.  When we were done and I wanted to take his picture...Another story.  Maybe it's because I needed my phone (his story) to take the picture.
 On the way home we were passing a Tim Horton's and I was reminded of the Gingerbread White Hot Chocolate I had seen a sign for yesterday.  So we made a quick hot chocolate detour, and headed home.

Be smart and make your own hot chocolate detour.  The gingerbread white hot chocolate was amazing!    Dare I say (without Leigh asking for a divorce) that I think it's better then the salted caramel Starbucks hot chocolate, and it doesn't cost your first born to get it.  Going to check out Bulk Barn to see if they have the mix there...Though it could be a problem for me to have this stuff in the house all the time.

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