Saturday, 17 May 2014

Our Marathon Weekend in Pictures

Everyone knows the best way to combat pre-race nerves is to photo blog. We are here safely in Halifax and the weather is beautiful. It's so beautiful in fact, we are hoping it cools down by tomorrow. Race kits have been picked up and we are ready to roll. Time to put our feet up and get ready for tomorrow. Here are a few pictures of our trip so far. 

My first selfie. The smallest airplane bathroom ever!

The weather when we left Moncton. 

Arriving in Nova Scotia

Below is our morning in pictures. Walk along the harbour, farmers market, pizza for lunch, me and a lobster, Tamales, the Citadel (where we first caught the running bug)

The 5k runners taking off. If you look closely you will see some fire fighters running in full gear! 

Some time with Amanda and Ashley

We are off to finish the carb load and try and relax and get ready for tomorrow. 


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