Thursday, 15 May 2014

The East Coast of Canada, Home of the Bagpipes.

The title of this blog was inspired but a great, but certainly NSFW song/track by Canadian rap artist Classified. The song is called "The Maritimes" and you can take a listen here (do not listen with your children around or if you are afraid of profanity). For a family-friendly song that is only slightly related to this blog post but so great that I'm including it, I present to you, the great Rod Stewart:

As I'm sure you do most times I author a post on this blog, you are this point wondering two things 1) When is Lexie blogging again, and 2) Is he going anywhere with this or just trying to make us listen to his favourite songs? The answers are soon, and yes. Moving on.

One of my favourite places on Earth is the east coast of Canada for the following reasons: I enjoy the sounds of Oceans of all varieties, I love Donairs, I have been known to watch The Trailer Park Boys, I love bridges and Halifax is home to many, and most of all I love the people we visit when we go there. I also love run-on sentences.

A few years ago when we were visiting Lexie's Cousins and their cool families in Halifax for the first time we had the chance to watch Amanda, and Lexie's Uncle Mike run a 10k race. It was part of the Blue Nose Marathon race weekend. I can still remember how electric the finish line was. Seeing all these people complete a task I didn't think I was capable of was inspiring. People of all shapes and sizes were crossing the finish line. Now by no means did this inspire me to do the same, but when I think back, I think it may have planted a seed in the back of our minds that has now grown into a big, addicted, obsessed tree. I know that the last sentence made no sense, but you get it.

Fast forward to December of 2013, I was just recovering from my back injury and Ashley (Lexie's cousin who is one of the people we love to visit out east) was here for a visit. Now I can't recall the exact details but we were talking about our next race, and before we knew it, Ashley was talking to Rob (her Beau) and we had decided our next Marathon would be the Blue Nose Marathon in Halifax on the May long weekend (the Blue Nose is a famous sailboat, hence the use of the "Sailing" by my man Rod). You know how the rest goes; time flew, we trained, I got injured, I recovered, we ran long, and far, and fast, and here we are. Race Weekend is upon us. Tomorrow we fly out to Halifax (without the boys, thanks again Oma!) to run a great race and see some great people.

The goal you ask? Under 4 hours.

How are we going to do it?

Catch you guys on the flip side, check back on the weekend for some short but informative posts.

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