Monday, 30 June 2014


After a long first year of school we finally made it!  Friday was the last day of school.

 Summer has always been my favourite season, but now that we have a kid in school there are even more reasons then normal to get excited.

1)  I get to have my kid all day every day.  By the time we get home from school, have a snack, do reading homework, make dinner, and (most nights) go to one of their various activities we get about 30 minutes of time to spend with him.  I am excited to flashback to having long days stretched out before us with lots of time and few commitments.

2)  No morning rush.  Getting ready for school in the morning is perhaps my least favourite task ever.  He may be five, but he behaves like a 15 year old when it is time to get him up in the morning.  He has already started with the "I'm too tired's," and the blankets pulled over his head.   Relaxed mornings with no lunch packing will be a great break for all of us.

3)  Camping!

4)  The boys have recently started playing together more cooperatively.  Cooper loves having Lucas at home to play with.  We have had many "Master Builder" lego creations built lately.

5)  Fun family outings are way more fun in the summer.  In the winter we don't get out much, and we all get pretty antsy.  In the summer we run out of time to do all the things we want to do.

6)  PANCAKES!!!  More time in the morning means there's time for better breakfasts.  Love pancakes like we do?  Here's some great recipes...

Don't want to make your own pancakes??  Never fear!!!  We will gladly make them for you.  We would LOVE it if you would make Cooper's Troopers Pancake Breakfast a part of your exciting summer.

When:  August 2, 2014
Where:  Applebee's Restaurant Mississauga, 5700 Mavis Rd.
What do you get:  Pancakes, bacon, OJ, Tea, Coffee, served to you by our team!  We will also be holding a raffle for some great prizes.
How much of your money do we want:  Only $15!!

Contact us for tickets by blog comment, by sending a message to our team facebook page, or email

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