Friday, 11 July 2014

Back to the Scene of the Crime

Every time I hear Blue Mountain mentioned I say to Leigh, "Hey remember the time we ran there?!"  It is probably getting old, but I am pretty sure that I will do that for the rest of our lives.  This weekend we are heading back to Blue Mountain for the first time since we ran there.  Never fear, this time we are taking the van.  As you would expect we will be running when we get there, because every weekend without the boys must involve a race.

We will be running the 1/2 marathon at The Ontario North Face Endurance Challenge.  About six weeks ago I started seeing ads for this race series on Facebook.  It was all up in my head, I just couldn't stop thinking about it.  And then fate stepped in and sent me an email from WagJag.  Fifty percent off race entry, and we just couldn't resist.  At that point we sort of wanted to ramp up our training again so we could run the full marathon, but I have started marathon training for Hamilton and realized that being jealous of all the full marathoners is better then needing to take recovery time just as I am starting a heavy training cycle.  The half fits itself perfectly into my training plan though.

From the Blue Mountain website:

Can you endure? Featuring the most pronounced elevation gain trail race in Ontario, this challenge cruises along the Niagara Escarpment on the western shores of Georgian Bay and through the ski trails of the Blue Mountains. 

So it looks like we are in for a beautiful but uphill challenging race.  Gonna wear my Bluenose shirt for the occasion!

We are also excited to be race volunteers for the first time.  We will be volunteering at an on course aid station for the marathon, 50K, and 50 miler.  We are always so grateful for race volunteers when we are running.  The weekend race schedule gives us the perfect opportunity to volunteer ourselves.  We are going to try our best to follow all the rules...Except the costume one..
Maybe we can just provide a spread like this.  Then no one would care if we were following the rules or not...

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