Monday, 31 August 2015

Done and Done!

Our 100k training started on December 29th, 2014.  That's 8 months.  I have grown complete human beings (ergh...well complete less a vital cardiac septum I guess) in just a little more time than that...Twice.  Eight months is a long time to train for anything.  We used the training plans from a book called Relentless Forward Progress:  A Guide to Running Ultramarathons .  First the 50k plan, and then converting to the 100k plan after we finished The Sulphur Springs Trail 50k.  We ran the lower mileage plan for our weekday runs to accommodate our children, jobs, lives, and sanity, and then ran the higher mileage plan for the back to back long runs on the weekends.  We have run many miles, sweated a lot, drank a lot of gatorade (Leigh), and Gu Brew (me), and eaten many many MAAAANNNY Nature's Bakery Fig Bars while on the move (ummm...Just noticed many delicious flavours that appear to be absent from the Costco boxes of fig bars.  Seriously, where can I get me some lemon, mango, or pumpkin spice bars!?!)

And now after 8 months, we have arrived at the taper.  The hard work is done, and now it's time to marinate.  Last week we ran our final pair of long runs (40k Thursday, followed by 20k Friday) of this training cycle.  We spent a few days staying in Blue Mountain with the Hannas, and had the unique opportunity to run parts of the actual course a couple of times.

Cooper on the Gondola.  Leigh and I hiked a sweaty hike up the mountain while Cooper and Auntie Kara rode up,  and then took the free ride down together.
Lucas after riding the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster with Auntie Devyn.
This view coming up to the village gave me butterflies in my stomach both at the end of our runs, and just walking around the village during the rest of our stay.  The finish line at The Sears Great Canadian Run is like nothing I have ever experienced.  It is just electric, and I get emotional just thinking about having the opportunity to cross it at the end of 100km.
We found some other reminders of this awesome event during our stay.  We spotted a lone Sears Great Canadian Run arrow sign zip tied to a stop sign on our 20k run, and 'this' on the upcoming events board!
 We are super excited for race day to arrive.  The excitement mounted this morning when my weather stalking uncovered this forecast this morning!  Hoping this sticks around!

Don't forget that you are ALL welcome to join us on race day.  The course information is available here.  Please join us to cheer, encourage, say hi, or run a few miles.  Can't commit to a whole day, come on out to the finish line, and for the post race dinner and celebration.  The finish line is incredible, and is followed by a banquet with a great free meal for all runners and supporters.  We'd love to have you there to celebrate with us.  Without you none of this would be possible! 

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