Thursday, 2 May 2013

Ben, A Family Treasure.

Today I met the man of the my dreams. The moment I walked out of the office of my new BFF/Hero/Physiotherapist, I had the urge to run back in and serenade him with this:

His name his Ben, and he is a family treasure. Lexie introduced Ben into our family last summer. She was suffering from knee pain and plantar fasciitis and Ben fixed it. Then our SIL Lesley started running (she will be guest posting soon) and soon ran into knee problems. Where did she turn? To Ben of course. She told me today that she went into see him once with a knee pain, and he did couple of things with her foot, and BAM! FIXED! The guy is miracle worker! 

So when I couldn't fix my self diagnosed knee issue and got over my fear of a medical professional shutting down my subpar running career, I turned to Ben. 

I am, of course, being overly dramatic (as usual). But when you train for a marathon for 13 weeks and then missing the marathon becomes a real possibility, any sliver of hope can look like a supernova. Today's visit gave me that hope.

It was decided that my knee pain and hamstring pain has come from two places; tightness in my ankle and a misalignment in my hips cause my standing on it at work. I had a few things moved around, was taught a few exercises and went on my merry way. 

When I got home I was excited, I had a cause for my pain, a plan to fix it and my knee felt as good as it has in weeks, so what did I do to celebrate?


I still feel good, no pain, and I'm excited to get back on track in the next week. Ben has told me to avoid really long distances for now, but that I can still run as long as I'm not feeling any significant pain (here's hoping the pain doesn't show up until mile 21.9 on Saturday!)

I'll head back to see him early next week and hope he continues to be the bearer of good news. Until then keep your fingers crossed!



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